The D.C.D. (Dade County Difference) Music Group was established out of the desire to change the face, sound and impact of today’s music. When founder and artist OAK decided that his place was not only on the stage as an exciting performer but also behind the scenes spearheading Miami’s newest music industry take over by starting his own label, is when the shift happen.

Established in 2012 The D.C.D. wasted no time on seeking help from any of the already established and notable companies around, they resourced themselves by building a studio and an impressive music catalog to start. With only two acts signed to the label “The D.C.D.” has already established themselves as contenders, by making noise in the underground scene with the 2013 debut of Mook’s mix tape release “Whoop Di Ville”. The single “Freaky Bitches” an infectious banger has already garnered praise and has quickly become a club favorite giving the label a strong start. The second release comes from label owner and artist OAK, “Myn Wundah” a smooth melodic ode to the streets of Liberty City will be a sure favorite as well. The follow up singles Mook’s “Let Em’ Know” and OAK’s “Struggle” promises to keep the label on music lover’s radar.

The D.C.D.’s plan of action is to make music that moves the masses to new heights and the process has already begun. Their company’s website features four music videos to date, directed by up and coming visionary director Trak 53, along with developing a script for an independent film release. With a full plate and much to say, The D.C.D. Music Group shows no signs of slowing down, especially when there has been such an impactful beginning.

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